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Dolpo Nyinchung Foundation is a charity organization that was established by Nyinchung Dungse Rinpoche. This charity brings together Rinpoche’s students, friends, and acquaintances from around the world to work together in bringing benefit to society. 


Dolpo Nyinchung Foundation’s Missions



We engage in various education related activities such as financially supporting poor students in the high Himalayan regions of Dolpo, establishing centers of learning for the future, and supporting the spread of educational systems, particularly those based around the Buddhist principles of non-violence and compassion.


Environmental Protection and Cultural Preservation

We engage in the building of roads, planting trees, restoration of old temples and stupas, the conservation of rare thangkas, the restoration of mani walls, printing of old and rare texts, and other similar activities related to improving the spiritual and cultural life of Dolpo.



We are engaged in providing medical assistance to the people of the high Himalayas, Dolpo in particular, upholding the Nyinchung lamas’ accomplished lineage of traditional medicine, developing health education, as well as many other related activities related to health.


Introductory Buddhism 

We provide introductory courses about the mind in many locations all over the Dolpo Himalayan region, disseminating the Buddhist teachings of non-violence and peace.  


Emergency Assistance

We aim to offer assistance to those throughout the Himalayas whenever a severe hardship such as a natural disaster occurs.



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As clearly stated in the collected works of the 15th Gyalwang Karmapa Khakyap Dorje, the third Dolpo Shelri Chogtrul Ogyen Tenzin Rabkay(1871-1922) wa


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